To Avoid Congress's Fasting Faux Pas, BJP Tells Workers Ahead Of Fast: Don't Eat In Public

| April 11 , 2018 , 10:47 IST

The Congress party in all seriousness announced a day-long fast on Monday, which was led by Congress President Rahul Gandhi in New Delhi, however, pictures of party workers relishing Chole Bharture right before the fast went viral, resulting in an embarrassment for the party.

Ahead of the BJP called day-long fast on Thursday for its MPs in protest of the washout session of Parliament allegedly due to Opposition parties, the BJP has issued a strict list of guidelines for its partymen, including to avoid eating in public places or getting clicked while eating.

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"Dr Harsh Vardhan has clearly asked everyone to avoid food at restaurants and places frequented by people and avoid clicking selfies while having food. He even asked diabetics to avoid fasting as it may worsen their health condition," said a Delhi BJP office bearer.

Street vendors will also be discouraged from setting up stalls near the protest area.

Prime Minister Narendra had announced the day-long fast to take place on April 12 on the last day of the second-leg of the Budget Session of Parliament, after the session completed without any action taking place on 23 days due to protests and repeat adjournment motions in the Parliament.

The NDA MPs, as well as PM Modi have also announced that they will be going without pay for the 23 days of Parliament during which proceedings did not take place.