Thank You Mr Jaitlie, Says Rahul Gandhi After Arun Jaitley's Clarification On PM Modi's Comment

| December 28 , 2017 , 08:15 IST

Congress President Rahul Gandhi in a tweet made a dig at Finance Minister Arun Jaitley's clarification on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's comments on former PM Dr Manmohan Singh and former Vice President Hamid Ansari, which had been a source for controversy in the Parliament.

In his tweet, Rahul made a pun on the Union Minister's last name, and said  "Dear Mr Jaitlie - thank you for reminding India that our PM never means what he says or says what he means."

Campaigning in Guajrat ahead of the state assembly elections held recently, PM Modi addressing a rally said that Manmohan Singh and Hamid Ansari had attended a meeting at the house of Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar which was also attended by senior Pakistani officials. PM Modi alleged that the Gujarat elections were discussed in the meet at Aiyar's house.

The PM's comments resulted in outrage from the Congress party, and Pakistan as well said that it be kept out of domestic politics in India. Since the beginning of the Winter Session of Parliament, the Congress has demanded an apology or explanation regarding the statements made by PM Modi, which they say insulted Manmohan Singh and Hamid Ansari.

After Congress disrupted House proceedings for 10 days due to PM Modi's comments, Arun Jaitley in the Rajya Sabha issued a clarification on the PM's comments.

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Jaitley specified that PM Modi in his statements and speeches, "did not question nor did he mean to question the commitment to this nation either by Dr Manmohan Singh, the former Prime Minister, or Hamid Ansari, the former vice president."

He added, "any such perception is completely erroneous. We hold these leaders in high esteem, as also their commitment to this nation."

Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad thanked Jaitley for the 'deadlock' that had been created in the House due to the controversy.

"I want to thank the Leader of the House that he issued a clarification on the issue which was causing the deadlock," he said.


Raghul's speech is not his own. Somebody writes and passes to him to speak to media

Vimal Sehgal

The Khangress is resorting to blackmail by stalling the proceedings of Parliament. It is clear that Hamid Ansari and Manmaun Singh were planning some insidious treacherous plot with our enemy nation Pakistan against India. That is why they kept this meeting a secret and denied it even after it became known. What was discussed in the meeting? Do they have a video recording for the public? The Khangress party is a traitor to India as can be seen in their past record in Kashmir and against China and all their scams and corruption. CONgress is now slave to the Italian mafia of Pappu Sonia Priyanka and Robber Vadra.

Madhav Gokhale

You may think that Pappu who is in humorous mood has misspelt Jaitley's name. He is genuinely weak in English Language. He is an Italian you see!!!