Terrorism, Peace Can't Be Together, Says Army Chief Bipin Rawat On Indo-Pak Talks

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| September 23 , 2018 , 19:57 IST

Speaking on the Indo-Pak relations, Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat on Sunday said that terrorism and peace talks can't take place together.

Rawat said, "Talks aren't being held, because our government policy is that talks and terrorism can't take place together. We've given a clear message to Pakistan. Govt's policy is clear that Pakistan has to prove with their actions that they aren't promoting terrorism."

Rawat also said, "When Imran Khan came to power in Pakistan, he tried to send some messages of peace. But whether the entire establishment in Pakistan wants this peace is what we have to understand."

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"There seems to be some kind of variation in what is being uttered, what is being spoken about, and what we're seeing in action on the ground. I think there is disharmony between the two," he added.

Rawat said that Pakistan says that they won't use its soil for terrorism but we see terrorist activities are taking place and terrorists keep on coming from across the border.

Further speaking on the alleged Border Security Force (BSF) soldier Narendra Singh's throat slit by Pakistani troops near the International border in Jammu, Rawat said,  "They have been carrying out barbaric acts and Pakistan Army is used to doing this. It is not the first time that they have done it."