India's Rep To The UN Syed Akbaruddin Has An Epic Reply To Pakistani Troll

| January 21 , 2018 , 15:45 IST

Pressure has been mounting on Pakistan to take action against the safe havens for terrorists on its soil, most recently when the United States President Donald Trump suspended nearly $2 billion financial aid to Pakistan, in an attempt to persuade Pakistan to take action against terrorists.

India's permanent representative at the United Nations Syed Akbaruddin, during a debate at the United Nations on Afghanistan, pointed out the role of safe havens for terrorists in Pakistan in the instability in Afghanistan. A Pakistani troll lashed out at Akbaruddin, who had an epic response to shut him down.

On Jan 19, Akbaruddin tweeted, “Aqelmand ra eshara kafee ast” - A sign is enough for the wise to understand. Focus on addressing challenges posed by cross border terrorism emanating from safe havens & sanctuaries to our region & especially to Afghanistan –India.”

A Pakistani national trolled Akbaruddin in a tweet, and said, “Seems like lying is the new Indian foreign policy. Name & locate one safe terrorist safe haven in the region other the ones that exists in Afghanistan.”

Akbaruddin responded to the troll with facts and witticism, and said, "Here’s a short quiz, Name safe haven that Quetta Shoora of Taliban is named after?
Name sanctuary where Osama bin Laden was killed? Liar, liar pants on fire." 

Their exchange on Twitter has since then been shared repeatedly.