Swaraj To The Rescue, Helps Russian National Begging In Tamil Nadu

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| October 11 , 2017 , 21:06 IST

In another rescue, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj recently helped a Russian national, who had to resort to begging outside a temple in Tamil Nadu's Kancheepuram after finding out that his debit card ATM PIN had got locked.

After reports of the 24-year-old foreigner having to beg, the External Minister on Tuesday took to Twitter offering help saying, "Evangelin -- Your country Russia is our time-tested friend. My officials in Chennai will provide you all help."

The young foreigner, identified as A. Evangelin, who arrived in Kancheepuram on Tuesday morning from Chennai has a valid passport and visa. After mistakenly blocking his ATM's pin code, the foreigner was forced to beg for money outside a temple.

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According to a media report, the local police said, "We checked his travel documents, passport and visa. All documents are perfectly valid. He had spent all his money and was not sure how to reach Chennai."

Reports suggest that the Russian youngster arrived in India back on September 24. He was in Chennai on Monday, then he went to Kancheepuram on Tuesday where he blocked his ATM and was forced to beg.

As the incident came to light, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj rushed to the foreigner's aid. She instructed officials at Chennai to provide all the help to the distressed Russian tourist.