Supreme Court Bats For Hydrogen Buses Over Electric For Delhi

| July 3 , 2018 , 15:24 IST

With vehicular discharge continuing to add to the air pollution woes of the national capital despite several measures taken by the government, the Supreme Court on Monday asked the Delhi government to explore the feasibility of hydrogen-run public transport buses. Hydrogen-run public transport buses are 'zero-emission' and cost-effective as compared to electric buses.

Nearly 20 years after the apex court directed conversion of all buses, taxis and 3-wheelers to CNG to curb air pollution, efforts are on to replace the CNG vehicles with electric, which would reduce pollution considerably.  

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A bench of Justices Madan B Lokur and Deepak Gupta directed the state government and Environment Pollution Prevention & Control Authority (EPCA) to find out the workability of introducing hydrogen buses instead of electric buses in the capital.

The bench pointed out that hydrogen buses are running successfully and procurement would be practical since they are being manufactured by the Tata group as well. It also said that such buses are hybrids and can run on electricity as well.

"These buses are running successfully in other countries and it is used in California. Tata is also manufacturing it. These vehicles have a range of 400 km. These are next generation vehicles and good for environment also. We can leapfrog from CNG to hydrogen-run buses. They are also cost effective and their running cost is also very low," the bench said.

The directive from the Supreme Court came as the Delhi government was informing the court that it had begun the process of purchasing 1,000 electric buses, to which the court suggested that it would be better to 'leapfrog' from CNG to hydrogen fuel.