Srinagar: Youth Dies After Being Run Over by CRPF Vehicle During Protest

| June 2 , 2018 , 11:55 IST

Kaiser Ahmad, a 21-year-old youth who was run over by a CRPF vehicle in Srinagar on Friday succumbed to his injuries in a Srinagar hospital on Saturday.

He was run over by a CRPF vehicle in the Nowhatta area of Srinagar. The incident took place after the vehicle was stuck amidst a wave of protesting mob that started pelting stones and other items.

The CRPF has come under severe criticism, following the incident. Former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah tweeted, “Ceasefire means no guns so use jeeps.

“Earlier they tied people to the fronts of jeeps and paraded them around villages to deter protesters. Now they just drive their jeeps right over protestors. Is this your new SOP @MehboobaMufti sahiba?”

As per the Police, there was no deployment in the area as the authorities had decided to ease tension in the area during Friday prayers. The vehicle as per the Police had taken a wrong turn and fell into the mob.

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Videos of the incident being shared by journalists show the vehicle caught in a frenzy with people pelting stones from all sides. The video indicates that the driver of the vehicle was trying to run away from harm.

Responding to criticism from a journalist, Jammu and Kashmir Police tweeted, “There is also a difference in presenting before the audience/readers/followers 'a selective picture' and not a 'chain of pictures presenting the whole scene. We appreciate your understanding of our mechanism; however, fail to understand why one forgets his/her own SOPs. Thanks”

Junaid Mattu, spokesperson of National Conference tweeted, “The images of a man being run over by a CRPF gypsy are haunting. The gypsy was attacked - that's a fact - yes. However, it's a failure of the local police in the area to have allowed a CRPF gypsy to pass through an almost 200 strong hostile crowd. Extremely unfortunate.”

Mobile internet services have been suspended in Budgam and Srinagar following the news of the death of the youth. Broadband speed has also been brought down to prevent uploading of "provocative posts and pictures."