Sonia Gandhi Tears Into Modi Govt, Says Nation Is Embracing A ‘Regressive Vision’

| March 9 , 2018 , 13:54 IST

Former Congress President Sonia Gandhi On Friday took a jibe at the BJP-led Government, alleging that the ruling party was muzzling the voices of the opposition.

“Our freedom is under assault. Today we are embracing a regressive vision,” said Sonia Gandhi while delivering an address at the India Today Conclave 2018.

"Political opponents are being targeted through the misuse of investigative agencies. The judiciary is in turmoil. Civil society is being silenced," said the senior Congress leader.

"Employment situation is grim, but 7.5 million jobs were supposedly created in 2016. This claim was debunked, but does that even make a difference? No. As soon as one myth is broken, another is created," she added.

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"RTI was brought in to fight corruption. Today, that law is in cold storage, its activists are being killed. Aadhaar has turned into an intrusive agent of control. Scientific temper is being mocked. The noise of politics is the music of democracy, but decisions are being taken — whether regarding the economy, or relations with our neighbours — where we act first, think later," Sonia Gandhi said.

"How and how frequently was the demonetisation narrative changed? How was the GST chopped and changed? How did they react to farmers' distress?" she asked.

"The Indian society for many years had been accommodating, but not anymore," concluded the former Congress party president.