Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah And UP CM Yogi Adityanath Engage In Twitter War

| January 9 , 2018 , 12:03 IST

BJP star campaigner Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, recently visited poll-bound state of Karnataka, welcomed by the state Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, who indirectly taunted Yogi over the "starvation deaths" sometimes reported from Uttar Pradesh. A twitter war of sorts ensued between the two chief ministers.

"I welcome UP CM Shri @myogiadityanath to our state. There is a lot you can learn from us Sir. When you are here please visit a Indira Canteen & a ration shop. It will help you address the starvation deaths sometimes reported from your state," tweeted CM Siddaramaiah, referring to the Indira canteens that offer lunch and dinner for Rs 10 and breakfast for Rs 5.

UP CM Yogi responded by mentioning the farmers suicides in Congress-ruled Karnataka, as well as his work in undoing the "misery and lawlessness" unleashed by Congress allies in Uttar Pradesh.

"Thank you for the welcome @siddaramaiah ji. I heard number of farmers committing suicide in Karnataka was highest in your regime, not to mention the numerous deaths and transfer of honest officers. As UP CM I am working to undo the misery and lawlessness unleashed by your allies," tweeted CM Yogi.

During the Parivarthana rally UP CM Yogi had addressed earlier in the day, he had lashed out against Siddaramaiah, saying that the Karnataka CM could not be a Hindu since he promoted consumption of beef.

“He cannot be a Hindu and promote consumption of beef. When the BJP was in power here, we enacted a law prohibiting cow slaughter. The Congress government repealed that law,” Yogi said, referring to Siddaramaiah.

"Siddaramaiah calls himself a Hindu just as Congress president Rahul Gandhi went to temple after temple during the Gujarat election," he claimed.

“Karnataka will benefit like Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh if it is also ruled by the BJP, which is heading the NDA government at the Centre under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi," Yogi said.