Bravo! Siachen Pioneers Evacuate Pregnant Woman From Remote Village In Ladakh

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| February 17 , 2018 , 13:41 IST

In a heroic act by Indian Air Force officials rescued a 3-month pregnant lady suffering from a unique condition of dysphagia (blockage of the throat causing inability to swallow) and lost eyesight from a remote village called Kurgiak located in a valley of Shinkun-la pass in Ladakh on Saturday.

The thirty-five-year-old Stanzin Laton was stuck in the Kurgiak Valley due to the area's deteriorating weather due to the further cloud base lowering. The snow-bound terrain, fading light due to the clouds and the overcast weather didn't help the chances of disorientation.

However, Laton's deteriorating condition prompted the Air Force unit to take charge of the situation and proceed with the evacuation mission. With little time and number of obstacles, the crew evaluated the weather, discussed junctures, planned the route and fuelled their tanks to the maximum.

The airborne crew faced many challenges within minutes of taking off due to the turbulent valley and marginal routes. The chilling temperature was making the mission led by Wing Commander S.I. Khan and Flight Lieutenant Pravin even more challenging.

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Wing Commander S.K. Pradhan and Squadron Leader A. Bedekar were also present in the aircraft as No 2. Post crossing the valley, the crew took a quick turnaround at Padam and then started their journey to Kurgiak, which is 50km ahead of their previous stop.

The snowbound terrain and lack of force landing fields prompted the crew to land at a sloping yet manageable site near the village and picked the woman successfully. The woman was having difficulty in breathing due to high altitude and lack of oxygen.

The aircraft buffeting in turbulent winds and fading light made the craft's return way more challenging but crew successfully negotiated the negative factors with their professional and determined approach. Siachen Pioneers saved the pregnant woman's life with their bravery.