Shocking Violence Inside Gujarat Assembly, Congress MLA Hits BJP MLA With Mike

| March 14 , 2018 , 15:58 IST

In a major scuffle between BJP and Congress legislators in the Gujarat Assembly on Wednesday, a Congress MLA attacked a BJP MLA with a mike. The two MLAs also exchanged blows.

The ruckus erupted during a discussion over tabling of the report of Justice D.K. Trivedi Commission in the Asaram Bapu case.

Congress legislator Pratap Dudhat and BJP MLA Jagdish Panchal were engaged in exchanging blows and slaps. After the scuffle, Assembly Speaker Rajendra Trivedi suspended Dudhat for the entire session while other opposition members were suspended for the day. The entire scuffle was caught on camera.

Dudhat said he was angry due to Jagdish Panchal's remark targeting his mother and sister.

Panchal said he had in his remark only suggested Dudhat not to speak against Speaker in an offending manner. He added that he was standing next to women MLA's and there was absolutely no question of passing any offending remark in presence of women.

As matters turned violent, Gandhinagar police was called in to control the situation. BJP claims that Congress started this fight over a Q&A and are going to the Speakers office to register a complaint.

Gujarat Deputy CM Nitin Patel said, "What happened in Gujarat Vidhan Sabha is shameful. Congress MLA not only insulted the speaker but also became violent in the house. House has been adjourned currently, once the session resumes we'll decide what action needs to be taken."

Barely two days ago, Telangana State Assembly witnessed a similar incident where Legislative Council Chairman K Swamy Goud was hit by Congress MLA Komatireddy Venkat Reddy with a headphone. The headphone struck him on the right eye following which he was admitted to hospital.