Shelter Home Rapes: RJD Leader Tejashwi Yadav Slams CM Nitish Kumar, Calls Government 'Rakshas Raj'

| August 2 , 2018 , 15:26 IST

The leader of Opposition and senior leader of the Rashtriya Janta Dal, Tejashwi Yadav on Saturday slammed CM Nitish Kumar and the ruling party of Janta Dal United after all the 34 girls were confirmed raped at the state funded shelter home in Muzaffarpur in Bihar.

While addressing the media he said, “Several drugs & things related to abortion were being used at the shelter home. Still, the main suspect Brajesh Thakur is being protected by govt. When will he be arrested? Till when minor girls will be raped in the state?”

After the medical examination of 42 girls living in a government shelter home in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, at least 34 of them were found to be victims of months of sexual assault. SSP Muzaffarpur, Harpreet Kaur told the media that it was not 29, but 34 girls who were raped at the Muzaffarpur shelter home.

The Rashtriya Janta Dal leader also called the Nitish Kumar government a Rakshas Raj (Devil’s rule) and compared the Bihar government with that of Ravana and Duryodhana‘s from the Indian epics.

Yadav said, ““Yahan toh Draupadi ka cheerharan ho raha hai, Duryodhana kar raha hai. Sita maiya ka apharan Ravana kar raha hai. Yahan toh Rakshas Raj kaayam ho gaya hai. Ravana aur Duryodhana ki sarkar chal rahi hai.”

The Bihar government had ordered a CBI probe in the case.  More than 10 people, including all staff members of the shelter home and some government officials, have so far been arrested in this connection while all the inmates have been shifted to other districts.

Reports of repeated sexual abuse of inmates at the shelter home in Muzaffarpur surfaced in the wake of a social audit by Mumbai’s Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). Education body had carried out a social audit of shelter homes running across the state of Bihar. In its report to the state government, it alleged abuse of inmates.