Shaina NC Petitions Devendra Fadnavis To Get Child Predators Arrested

| December 6 , 2017 , 19:22 IST

BJP spokesperson Shaina NC has started a petition in an effort to get child predators arrested.

Addressed to Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis the petition recounts the horror of 14 years old Rati (name changed), a victim of child trafficking who was made to have sex with customers at a Mumbai brothel. She was given hormone injections to look older in appearance and was at times forced to have sex with 30 men in a day!

When the police raided the brothel the managers were arrested but the customers who paid to have sex with the girl were left off with a warning.

The petition asks CM Fadnavis to direct the State Police department and the anti-Human Trafficking units to arrest such men who sexually exploit children.

The Maharashtra Anti Human Trafficking Unit police shut 78 brothels in 2011 where children were forced into the flesh trade. 

“But just arresting the brothel owners and traffickers is not going to solve this problem. This is an organised crime. We have to curb the demand by arresting these customers under the strictest of laws, like MCOCA (Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act) so that they can’t get bail and it acts as a deterrent for child predators”, reads the petition.

Devendra Fadnavis is the first Indian Chief Minister to have an official verified decision maker profile on



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