After 'Humiliating' End To Delhi Case, Senior Advocate Rajeev Dhavan Quits Court Practice

| December 11 , 2017 , 13:42 IST

A senior advocate of the Supreme Court of India, Rajeev Dhavan announced that he has decided to give up Court practice after being 'humiliated' by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra during the final hearing of the Centre Vs Delhi Case which took place on December 6.

In a letter to Chief Justice Dipak Misra, Dhavan wrote:

"After the humiliating end to the Delhi case, I have decided to give up Court practice. You are entitled to take back my Senior Gown conferred on me, though I would like to keep it for memory and services rendered".

Appearing as the senior counsel for the Delhi Government in the Centre Vs Delhi Case, Rajeev Dhavan reportedly had heated exchanges with CJI Dipak Misra on the last day of the hearing on December 6.

As Dhavan sought to make oral submissions in response to the respondents’ contentions, CJI Misra permitted him to do so on the condition that he would avoid the points that had already been covered by the lead counsel Gopal Subramanium.

When Dhavan submitted that Article 239 has to be read as a whole and not in isolation, the CJI objected, saying nobody suggested it. The CJI termed Dhavan's submission as uncalled for and unwarranted argument.

The words the CJI said next embarrassed Dhavan, as CJI Misra said, "You go on shouting. You are always like that.  We will give our judgment."  

However, the Chief Justice later denied making such an observation.