Senior IAF Officer Taken Into Custody For Leaking Classified Documents In Suspected Honeytrap

| February 1 , 2018 , 08:45 IST

A senior officer of the Indian Air Force posted at the Air Headquarters in Delhi has been detained by the IAF's counter-intelligence wing for allegedly leaking classified documents to a woman suspected of being in a Pakistan-based espionage ring. The officer is being suspected of being "honey-trapped and compromised" by the woman whom he met through the Facebook social network.

The detained officer of rank Group Captain, equivalent to a Colonel in the Army, was allegedly taking pictures of classified documents using his smartphone and sending them to the unidentified woman through WhatsApp. Due to his rank and his posting at the Air Headquarters, the officer had access to a certain level of secret documents.

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"The Group Captain, who is a para-jumping instructor but not from the flying branch, is being interrogated after being taken into custody from the Race Course Road area. It is being ascertained whether he is part of some larger espionage ring," said a source.

According to sources, the discovery that the Group Captain "was indulging in certain unwanted activities through unauthorized electronic devices which is against existing orders" was made during "routine counter intelligence surveillance" conducted by the IAF's Central Security and Investigation Team.

Although there are strict instructions in place that classified information and data is not compromised by the use of internet or social working sites, there have been several such incidents in recent years.

Several officers of the armed forces have also been caught in 'honey-traps' which involve seducing and blackmailing a person into revealing confidential information.