For The Love Of Seat Cover, UP Police Left Youth To Bleed To Death

| January 20 , 2018 , 17:09 IST

In a tragic accident caught on camera, three Uttar Pradesh cops refused helps two teenagers involved in a road accident in Saharanpur,

Two youngsters, Arpit Khurana and Sunny Garg were going home on a motorcycle when they hit a pole and were flung into a drain. Passersby rushed to help and called a Dial 100 vehicle. The three cops who were on night patrol as part of the state police's Dial 100 project reached the spot but refused to take the accident victims to the hospital. They were reluctant to get their car seats soiled by blood.

The two boys were lying in a pool of blood as the policemen continued to stand around. Even after repeated requests from an acquaintance of one of the two teenagers, the policemen stood firm with their decision to not take them in.

"They are also somebody's children... I request you..." an acquaintance of one of the teenagers is heard pleading with the policemen in the video.

"Nobody else has a car here. Take them," a man, his voice quivering, repeatedly requests the policemen
But a policemen while dismissing their pleas says, "It will stain our car."

SP City Saharanpur declared the three police officials have been suspended and assured strict action would be taken against them.

Uttar Pradesh Police on its official Twitter handle condemned the act of the cops and informed that the policemen have been suspended and strong disciplinary actions will be initiated against them stating that the incident is contrary to the working culture of the department.