Schools And Colleges Shut Down As Chennai Braces For Heavy Rains

| October 31 , 2017 , 13:07 IST

A day after heavy rains forced schools in Chennai to close an hour earlier, further heavy rains are predicted in Chennai on Tuesday, due to which schools and colleges in Chennai, Kancheepuram, Tiruvallur and Puducherry are closed.  

According to the meteorological office, "very heavy rainfall" is predicted in coastal Tamil Nadu as a result of the northeast monsoon that recently hit the southern coast.

Despite heavy water-logging on Monday, the Chennai Municipal Corporation Commissioner said they are confident of their preparedness for the rains.

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"Chennai is ready to face heavy rain. Stormwater drains have been cleaned and some 300 chronic water stagnation points have been identified. We have readied 400 suction pumps to remove water during heavy rain," said the Chennai Municipal Corporation Commissioner Dr D Karthikeyan.

Residents reported rainwater accumulation in several areas near the outskirts of Chennai on Monday, with the water-logging continuing even a day later in the areas of Velacherry, Perambur and Kolathur.

While locals highlighted that many areas in the city still do not have adequate stormwater drains to tackle water accumulation during heavy rains, the Chennai municipal agency has said that additional storm water drains are being built in extension areas, which came under the Chennai corporation only a few years back.

In December 2015, at least 150 people were killed when Chennai received the heaviest rainfall in more than a century resulting in heavy floods.