SC/ST Act To Stay Till BJP Is In Power, Says Amit Shah

| June 10 , 2018 , 19:57 IST

Bhartiya Janta Party chief Amit Shah asserted today that the SC/ST Act and the reservation system in jobs will remain in force till the party is in power.

While addressing a rally in Chattisgarh, where the assembly elections are scheduled in later half of the year, he urged people to remain cautious of the opposition’s efforts to spread lies about the Narendra Modi government ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections next year.

“In the coming days, the Congress will spread different types of lies to mislead people. Sometimes they will say the SC/ST Act is being abolished, on other occasions, they will say the reservation (system) was being scrapped. I want to clearly say that the SC/ST Act and reservation will remain in force till the BJP government is in power,” Shah said.

Attacking the opposition leader and party president Rahul Gandhi, he said, "Rahul baba, why are you asking for our account of four years? We do not need to give you any account. We will give an account of every minute and every paisa to people when we go to them to ask for votes."

"Your family has governed the country for over four generations and for about 55 years. Why has there been no development?" he asked

Referring to the September 2016 surgical strikes, Amit Shah said, “during the Congress rule, cross-border firing was happening every other day, but no befitting reply was given. However, this changed after PM Modi came into office in 2014.”