SC Slams MP Govt Over Paltry Compensation Of Rape Victims With Rs 6,500

| February 16 , 2018 , 13:10 IST

One single incident of rape traumatically changes the life of a girl, regardless of how violent the rape may have been, or how publicised. But survivors try to move on, in which adequate compensation from the government can go a long well in establishing a stable future.

Keeping in view the importance of an adequate compensation to rape victims, a bench of the Supreme Court rapped the Madhya Pradesh government for compensating rape victims with a meagre sum of Rs 6,500.

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Reviewing an affidavit of the Madhya Pradesh government regarding utilisation of funds from the Nirbhaya scheme, the Supreme Court bench comprising Justices Madan B Lokur and Deepak Gupta said, "According to you (Madhya Pradesh) and your affidavit, on an average, you are paying Rs 6,000 to a rape victim. Are you doing a charity? How can you do so. … You value a rape at Rs 6,500?”

Madhya Pradesh received the maximum allocation under the Nirbhaya Fund which was set up by the Centre in 2013 after the brutal gangrape of 'Nirbhaya' on a Delhi bus. From the allocation, the MP government only spent around Rs 1 crore for 1,951 rape victims.

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"For Madhya Pradesh, the figures are fantastic. There are 1,951 rape victims in Madhya Pradesh and you are giving them Rs 6,000-Rs 6,500 each. Is that good, commendable? What is this,” the bench asked, adding, “this is total insensitiveness”.

In January, the Supreme Court had directed all the states and union territories to submit affidavits regarding the amount allocated to them under the Nirbhaya scheme and the amounts that were disbursed to victims of sexual assault. However, around 24 states and UTs are yet to file their respective affidavits.