Sarojini Naidu Birth Anniversary: Lesser Known Facts About ‘The Nightingale of India’

| February 13 , 2019 , 12:24 IST

The Nightingale of India, Sarojini Naidu was born on February 13, 1879, in Hyderabad. She was called the Nightingale of India or Bharatiya Kokila because her poems are rich in imagery and emotions.

Her father, Aghoranath Chattopadhyaya was a scientist and was the founder of the Nizam College, Hyderabad. Her mother Barada Sundari Devi was one of the famous Bengali poets.

Check out some interesting and lesser known facts about her:

She was proficient in Urdu, Telugu, English, Bengali, and Persian. At the age of twelve, Sarojini Naidu attained national fame when she topped the matriculation examination at Madras University.

At the age of 16, she received a scholarship from Nizam of Hyderabad and went to London to study first at King's College, London and later at Girton College, Cambridge.

In England, she came into contact with Nobel laureate Arthur Simon and Edmond Gausse. Gausse convinced Sarojini to stick to Indian themes and depicted her poetry on contemporary Indian life and events.

Her writing career began at the age of 13 and her major contribution was in the field of poetry. The Golden Threshold, her first collection of poems, was published in 1905. The Feather of The Dawn was edited and published posthumously in 1961 by her daughter Padmaja.

At the age of 19, she married Dr. Govindarajulu Naidu, a non-Brahmin and a doctor by profession and lead a happy married life with four children Jayasurya, Padmaja, Randheer, and Leilaman.

Sarojini Naidu was the first Indian woman President of the Indian National Congress and also the first woman governor of an Indian state (Governor of United Province, now Uttar Pradesh).

She played a pivotal role during the Civil Disobedience movement in India's freedom struggle. She also faced arrest for in 1942 during the "Quit India" movement.

In 1929, she presided over the East African Indian Congress in South Africa and was awarded the Kaiser-i-Hind Medal by the British government for her work during the plague epidemic in India.

In 1942, Sarojini Naidu was arrested during the Quit India movement and was jailed for 21 months with Gandhi. She had a very pleasant relationship with Gandhi and often called him "Mickey Mouse"

Sarojini Naidu suffered a heart attack and died on March 2, 1949, at Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh.

Famous poems by Sarojini Naidu

Palanquin Bearers

Coromandel Fishers

The Royal Tombs Of Golconda.

Autumn Song

Indian Weavers

In Salutation to the Eternal Peace

Famous books by Sarojini Naidu

The Golden Threshold (1905)

The Broken Wing: Songs of Love, Death, and Destiny (1912)