Sanjay Singh, Sushil Gupta & ND Gupta To Represent AAP In Rajya Sabha

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| January 3 , 2018 , 14:44 IST

The ruling party of National Capital has declared its three candidates for Rajya Sabha and many influential names are surprisingly missing from the anticipated list. The Political Affairs Committee of Aam Aadmi Party on Wednesday confirmed that Sanjay Singh, Sushil Gupta and Narayan Das Gupta will represent the party in Parliament.

Delhi's Deputy CM Manish Sisodia confirmed the names through an official announcement. He started, "We wanted three big names who gave contributed to the nation. The first name is Sanjay Singh, Sanjay Singh has worked for the party and society. He has worked on the streets."

Sisodia added, "Second name is Narayan Das Gupta, he has worked to strengthen the economy and the third name is Sushil Gupta. Sushil Gupta has worked for education and health in Delhi and Haryana. He has charitable schools in 14 districts of Delhi and Haryana."

While Sanjay Singh's name was finalised for quite some time, the other two names came as a shocker to many including the party workers, who were unaware of any such development. ND Gupta and Sushil Gupta are both outsiders and the latter even contested elections against AAP in previous elections.

Speculations regarding the name of former journalist Ashutosh were making rounds but the party reportedly resorted to the outsiders' name to avoid ambitions within the party. AAP reportedly also approached the former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan to represent the party in the Upper House, who denied the proposal.

" We had a shortlist of 18 big names who were experts in various fields. All of these 18 people politely declined our offer while some said they we have earned an image of working against the system and that they do not want to join a political party. Others said they agree with us and want to work with us but if we go to the Rajya Sabha, then the central government will hound us," Manish announced.

Delhi is currently being represented by Janardan Dwivedi, Parvez Hashmi, Karan Singh in Rajya Sabha whose terms end in January next year. The supporters of AAP's rebellious leader Kumar Vishwas have earlier staged a protest to choose him as party representative but the leaders decided otherwise.