Russia Offers To Help India In Controlling Blue Whale Challenge Deaths

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| September 24 , 2017 , 10:08 IST

The dreaded Blue Whale Challenge online game which has resulted in the death of 103 people globally has claimed several lives in India as well, despite government attempts to ban the game which are proving unsuccessful since there are no official sites for the game.

As India struggles to fight the menace of the 'game', Russia, the nation where the game allegedly originates from, has offered to help India in controlling the Blue Whale Challenge, Russia's Vice Consul in south India Michael J Gobartov said.

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The offer of Gobartov was put before the Madras High Court Bench in Madurai which was hearing a suo motu public interest litigation (PIL) regarding the Blue Whale Challenge after the suicide of a Madurai-based college boy which was allegedly committed as a part of the game.

In a report submitted before the bench, Gobartov said that the Russian government was 'willing to render assistance to the High Court and the government of Tamil Nadu'.

"The game is a kind of challenge which instructs the participants to complete a series of challenges, which varies from listening to "dark songs".. getting up at mid-night to increasingly macabre tasks like self-harming and allegedly culminating in supervisor demanding the player to end his own life," the report said.

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According to the report, an investigation in Russia showed that only 8 suicides had been linked with the Blue Whale Challenge although thousands had played the game. During the investigations in Russia, Phillip Bedekyin was found guilty of enticing teenagers to play the game and commit suicide and was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment in jail.

On behalf of Russia's Vice-Consul, R Rajagobal, the chairman of the Indo-Russian Centre for Rural Development presented the report to the court and said that the only way to prevent further deaths from the Blue Whale Challenge was to create awareness amongst youngsters, the main targets for the game.

Since the game is played directly between players and 'administers' without any specific interface, 'banning' the game has raised difficulties.