RSS Trying To Create Divide, Kerala CM Responds To Bhagwat's Allegations

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| October 2 , 2017 , 15:02 IST

Days after RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat cracked down on the violence in Kerala and Bengal categorising it the outcome of jihadi elements working in the state, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has responded to the 'Hinduwadi' leader.

"Dear Shri Bhagwat, you need not worry about Kerala & its people friendly secular-democratic government. We need no lessons from you or RSS," said the Chief Minister in a Facebook post addressed to the RSS chief.

In the post, Vijayan said that Bhagwat's allegations of Kerala government helping anti-nationals are nothing but their repeat formula to categorize people and create a divide. But no communalist, seditionist or anti-national individual or organisation can provocate Keralites who have rejected these outfits completely.

"RSS chief should clarify what He means by saying that Kerala government is supporting anti-national forces for narrow political interests. I understand that Bhagwat ji is speaking such utter nonsense because their outfit failed to poison the minds of Keralites for BJP's narrow political gains," he said in the FB post.

Shifting the focus on RSS, Vijayan said, "We all know the history & geography of RSS's nationalism, their activities/propaganda against the secular character of Indian constitution. Kerala need not be taught by the head of an outfit which was subservient to the British with its top brass prohibiting participation in mass movements. Kerala has the unique distinction where patriotic Indians revolted against the British rulers even before the first freedom struggle of 1857."

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"RSS got foothold in many states by spreading terrorism in the name of religion, make communally abrasive comments & attack on minorities, BUT Left led secular & democratic political practices in Kerala has strengthened people's confidence to resist all such attacks unleashed by the RSS," he said highlighting the NDA's loss in Kerala."

He suggested, "Let RSS concentrate on issues reported in media and social media regarding violence related to communal polarisation, cow vigilantism, atrocities against minorities, Dalit and women in various BJP ruled states."

"Left Democratic front Government came to power with a mission of building a Corruption-free, Development-driven & Secular New Kerala. Our govt will deal strictly against any false propaganda by anyone whosoever, aiming to disturb the peaceful secular environment of Kerala," the Chief Minister said lastly.

Earlier on Saturday, RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat, addressing the annual, had made a scattering attack on Kerala and Bengal governments. He had alleged that there are jihadi elements working in the states and that the government's are helping violence and communalism.