Rs 26,000 Crore Power Purchase Scam In Gujarat - Congress

| December 1 , 2017 , 07:19 IST

The Congress party on Thursday accused the BJP led Gujarat Government of crony capitalism and benefiting select private power producers at the expense of the exchequer. Congress alleges that while the State Government was buying electricity at exorbitant price from private players, the state run power players were operating at less than 40% capacity.

Congress Communications chief Randeep Singh Surjewala led the charge against the state government. Surjewala stated that despite 8,641 MW production capacity with Gujarat government-owned power plants, they operate at an abysmally low level of 33% to 38% of their capacities over last three years. He then went on to allege that this helps four private players namely Adani, ESSAR, Tata and China Light Power from whom expensive power is purchased at the cost of exchequer.

Surjewala’s statement says that the Gujarat Government purchased electricity worth 62,549 crores from these private players. He asserted that during the Congress’ rule in the State till 1995-92, the total capacity of State-run power plants was 4,345 MW. The Plant Load Factor then was 57 per cent in 1991-92, 61.6 per cent in 1992-93, and 60.4 per cent in 1993-94.

“This shows that after 22 years, State-run units are producing less electricity than even installed capacity when the Congress demitted power. The way government has procured power from the private players, it stinks of a planned scam,” Surjewala said, adding that the State government procured power at ‘unimaginably high rates of ₹24.67 per unit as against the centrally-run NTPC’s rate of ₹2.88-3.17 per unit.