Temporary Relief For Rohingya Refugees As SC Postpones Hearing Till November 21

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| October 13 , 2017 , 15:26 IST

The Supreme Court on Friday granted temporary relief for the Rohingya Muslim refugees as it announced that the hearing regarding the deportation of the Rohingyas requires more time to argue and would continue on November 21.

The apex court observed that while national security cannot be secondary, at the same time the human rights of the Rohingyas should also be kept in mind. The court has directed that no Rohingya refugees are to be deported until the next date of hearing in the case on November 21.

"We have to strike a balance. It is not an ordinary case. The issue involves human rights of many," said the apex court.

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Calling for the deportation of Rohingya refugees and barring the entry of illegal Rohingyas in the country, the Central government had termed the community as a threat to the nation's security. The government said that some Rohingya leaders have links with terror groups based in Pakistan, the ISI and the Islamic State.

The Centre told the apex court that deporting Rohingya refugees would be an "executive policy decision" and that the judiciary should not interfere in the matter.

Petitioners representing the Rohingya community told the court that they had come to India fleeing persecution from Myanmar on basis of their community identity and sought refuge. Citing international conventions on refugees and treaties, the representatives said that they were entitled to all protection.

Facing backlash for denying 'refuge' to a persecuted community, Union Home Minister termed the Rohingyas as 'illegal immigrants' and not refugees.

Belonging to the Rakhine state of Myanmar, the Rohingyas have been denied citizenship and face discrimination and prosecution, resulting in them fleeing from Myanmar.