Road Safety Index 2017: How Safe Are Indian Roads For Children And Vehicles?

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| March 27 , 2018 , 15:28 IST

Roads play an important role in the development of a nation as they are used by millions of citizens to travel and trade. Hundreds of dreadful deaths take place on Indian roads due to the lack of proper facilities and safety measures.

But how to measure the safety on city roads? The renowned automobile manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki introduced a comprehensive Road Safety Index in 2016 to study and rank the safety of road in 10 cities on various parameters.

Here's what the results of Road Safety Index 2017 say about Indian roads:

  1. Pedestrian Rights

Any pedestrian has an equal right to using the road as a motorist and government needs to take ensure the safety of foot-walkers by building the crucial cycling tracks and have zebra crossings. As per the Index, Indore has topped the list on this parameter.

  1. Road Lighting and Maintenance

Lighting plays an important role in the safety of citizens, also helping the motorists to see better and avoid accidents. The well-maintained roads also help in ensuring the safety of children. Kolkata has aced the parameter by keeping their little ones safe and conducting regular road safety awareness programs.

  1. Motor Laws and Traffic Control

After from efficient traffic management, strict laws against drunken driving are a must for the safety of people on road. Chennai has been able to effectively implement these controls on traffic at peak hours, acing the parameter.

  1. Emergency Services

Accidents and emergencies while on road are inescapable but what's important is that the victims receive immediate help from the Police and hospital authorities. While all the 10 cities taken in Index were efficient enough, Kolkata topped the list.

  1. Road Cleanliness

Citizens often throw garbage on roads without caring about destroying the road's clean outlook. Even PM Narendra Modi has been urging the Indians to participate in cleanliness drive. Indore has beat all the other cities to top the parameter.

  1. Road Quality

Quality of the roads and the city's connectivity with other places help the citizens in travelling long distances without getting stuck in traffic and congested areas. India's capital Delhi has undoubtedly the best connectivity and proper construction of metro and flyovers takes care of road quality.

  1. Differently-abled

Not a lot of regulations are present to help the different-abled citizens but Mumbai has reservations in local transport and private cab services for the disabled making it an inspiration for other cities.