Responding To #MeToo, Kolkata Police Launches 'Dear Boys' Project

| October 18 , 2017 , 17:41 IST

The global #MeToo campaign went viral with millions of women sharing their stories of how they faced sexual harassment, shedding light on how virulent the problem of sexual harassment really is.

While the numbers and stories of girls and women of all ages facing sexual harassment has served as a wake-up call worldwide, the Kolkata Police has decided to act.

Apart from welcoming any girl or women facing sexual harassment to disclose the matter to the police, the Kolkata Police revealed in a statement that they are undertaking a #DearBoys project, by visiting schools in Kolkata and talking to boys directly about the need to stop sexual harassment.

"Yesterday and today, we found Facebook and Twitter full of the MeToo hashtag, which exposes the shocking number of women who have been subject to sexual harassment," began the Kolkata Police statement.

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"We at Kolkata Police have been perturbed by the number of women who have shared #metoo. And we would also like to reiterate our pledge and commitment by saying that we hear every single one of you," it continued.

"We are here to take your complaints every time you want to report a case of sexual harassment. So walk into our police stations whenever you want to report sexual harassment, and our officers are there to hear your experiences with patience and kindness and take your complaints. We urge you to be strong, we want you to be very, very angry about the leering, jeering, threats, verbal and physical abuses, we are asking you to be not afraid and to report to the police every time," the statement said.

"We also feel it important to talk to boys about the need to stop sexual harassment, and for this, we have recently launched a project, Dear Boys, in schools. We have visited ten schools of Kolkata, and the second part of Dear Boys will start mid-November," the statement concluded.

The 'Me Too' movement began with Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano, soon after co-actress Rose McGowan alleged famous producer Harvey Weinstein of sexually harassing her and had her Twitter account suspended.

By means of the 'Me Too' movement, Milano asked women who have faced sexual harassment or assault to write 'Me Too' as their status on social media. Subsequently, millions of women across the globe, and in India as well, shared their experiences with sexual harassment and assault, apart from keeping #MeToo as their status.