Remembering Amma: 7 Initiatives Launched By Former Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa

| December 5 , 2017 , 11:07 IST

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa's fame and the love she has inspired in people is legendary. Having spent three previous terms as Chief Minister in TN, Jayalalithaa, affectionately called as Amma, has brought about a lot of change in the state. Jayalalithaa passed away on December 5, 2016 due to cardiac arrest.

Here are her top initiatives:

Amma Unavagam (Canteens)

A chain of highly subsidized government run canteens were launched as Amma Unavagam or Amma Canteens in Chennai which enable the common man to by quality food at unbelievably low prices. A heaven-sent initiative for labourers and lower income group families, the Amma Canteens have a menu beginning from Rs 1 (per idli) with an average cost of Rs 13 for two people. Jayalalithaa launched 4 Amma Canteens in 2014, followed by 203 more in 2015. The Amma Canteens are likely to be expanded into other cities as well.

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Amma Marundagam (Pharmacies)

In June 2016, Jayalalithaa launched the Amma Marundagam to stabilise another essential expense of the common man - medicine. Over 100 Amma Pharmacies were launched in Chennai and other districts such as Salem, Madurai, Sivagangai, Virudhunagar, Cuddalore and Kancheepuram where medication is sold at a discount of 15 percent over retail price. The pharmacies are open 7 days a week from 7 AM to 11 PM. Although the pharmacies prove to be a drain on the expenses of the State, the Amma Pharmacies are a big hit and have benefitted the public greatly.

Women SHG

In 1991, Jayalalithaa set up a Self-Help Group (SHG) system for women which aims to socially empower and economically emancipate women helping them become self-sufficient and independent. Currently around 6.08 lakh Women SHG are functioning in the state which help women become independent. In 2015, around 20,000 SHG trainers were provided with "computerised mobile phones" which they could use to teach women further, helping them stay up-to-date with latest technology.

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Amma Kudineer Thittam (Mineral Water Scheme)

In September 2013, Jayalalithaa launched the Amma Kudineer Thittam (Mineral Water Scheme) according to which people of Tamil Nadu can procure purified mineral water at minimal prices. A typical 1 litre bottle of mineral water costs Rs 20, but Amma Mineral Water costs only Rs 10 for 1 litre.

Amma Seeds

In 2014, Jayalalithaa proposed a scheme according to which high-quality, certified 'Amma Seeds' would be available for farmers across the state at highly subsidised rates.

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Amma Cement Scheme

In January 2015, Jayalalithaa launched the Amma Cement Scheme through which people from lower and middle income groups can procure cement from government godowns at highly subsidised prices to build house. While a typical 50kg bag of cement costs between Rs 370- Rs 390, under the Amma Cement Scheme, the same 50kg bad is available for Rs 170.

Amma Health Check-up Schemes

In March 2016, Jayalalithaa launched a set of three health check-up schemes: Amma Master Health Check- up, Amma Special Master Health Check-up Scheme for Women and Amma Arokia Thittam providing health tests at minimal rates.  Amma Master Health Check- up is a master health check scheme for all, Amma Special Master Health Check-up Scheme for Women includes specialised testts for women and Amma Arokia Thittam is a set of basic health tests. Various tests covered in the health scheme include those for blood, urine, sugar, thyroid, screening for cholesterol, liver function, besides diagnostic investigations like ECG, and USG abdomen.