Released From Jail, Rajesh And Nupur Talwar's Mourning For Aarushi To Continue

| October 17 , 2017 , 12:42 IST

Dentist couple Rajesh and Nupur Talwar were finally released from Ghaziabad's Dasna Jail on Monday, 4 years after they were sentenced to life imprisonment for the double murder of their daughter Aarushi and the domestic help Hemraj.

After the release, Dinesh Talwar, the brother of Rajesh, said that dentist couple was not in a position to give a statement.

"What statement will they give? As of now, they are only trying to register that they have come out," he said.

"The grief of losing Aarushi cannot go but till now, it was only suppressed. The grief will now resurface and that has to be handled too," Dinesh added.

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"He did not say he wants to enjoy after he comes outside," he said, referring to Rajesh, after escorting him and Nupur home from the Dasna jail.

"The day Rajesh was convicted, he told me, `I will fight this battle for Aarushi till my last breath'. He did not say he wanted to come out of jail.He wanted to clear his daughter's name," Dinesh added.

Regarding the next step in their fight for justice for Aarushi, Dinesh reached out to the public and media.

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"Now if you want to do something, please do it. Whatever I could do, I have done and I request you, please give us privacy now," he said.

"We kept control on our emotions for four years as it was not easy to fight for the truth," Dinesh said.

"We were always saying that Aarushi was a good girl and Hemraj was not a bad person. Only if you reverse that, can you say Rajesh and Nupur were responsible. But today, we only want to say none of them were guilty," he added.

Upon the request of the Talwars, a police team escorted them from jail to their home in Jalvayu Vihar in Noida, the same colony they lived in with Aarushi, but a different house.