Receiving Threat Calls For Past Few Months, Alleges Congress Leader Mallikarjun Kharge

| March 12 , 2018 , 11:56 IST

Senior leader of the Congress Mallikarjun Kharge on Sunday revealed to the media that he had been receiving threatening calls for the past few months, and had also filed a complaint with the Tughlaq police station.

Kharge alleged that unknown persons had been calling him from different phone numbers, threatening to kill him. He added that he had filed a complaint with the Tughlaq police station two months ago but did not tell the public as it would have hampered the probe.

"Also, people would have felt that I was trying to gain political mileage out of it," Kharge said.

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In conversation with media in Kalaburagi near Bengaluru on Sunday, Kharge said that he had updated Lok Sabhu Speaker Sumitra Mahajan and Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on the issue.

"I have brought this matter to the notice of the Lok Sabha Speaker (Sumitra Mahajan) and Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh," Kharge said.

“It is a very bad thing that opposition leaders are getting such calls,” he added.

“But when Prime Minister Modi himself indirectly threatens us by saying things like you won’t be there after the next elections, then why should not others be emboldened to make such threats?" Kharge said.

"People think they can silence me or stop me from doing my work. They should know I would have died at the age of six when fire broke out in our house killing my parents and other relatives. Now I'm 76. So I perceive these extra 70 years as bonus," the MP said.