Jailed Gurmeet Ram Rahim Is A Sex Addict And Going Through Withdrawal: Doctors

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| September 11 , 2017 , 14:25 IST

Self-styled godman Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has spent only a fortnight in jail after being sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in two rape cases but has complained of uneasiness and restlessness to the team of doctors examining him at the Rohtak jail.

According to reports, jail authorities called in a team of doctors, including a psychiatrist to conduct a health checkup on the ailing Ram Rahim.

"The baba is, in fact, a sex addict. He has no access to physical pleasures in the jail which is the cause for his restlessness. He can be treated. However, if the treatment is delayed, it can lead to a bigger problem," said a doctor part of the team that examined Ram Rahim in the jail.

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Following the conviction of Ram Rahim in the two rape cases, he attempted to defend himself claiming to be impotent which would mean that he was not capable of raping anyone. However, his alibi soon gave way as he has already fathered 3 children and also refused to undergo a potency test.

"He is a liar as he was never impotent. His son was a few months old when he became a Dera chief in 1990. He is accused of raping his disciples. When people demanded for his potency test, he retracted his 1990 statement and said he had physical relations with only his wife. He wanted to mislead the court. Why nobody has got his potency test done so far is another loophole," Gurdas Singh Toor, a former Dera member who turned witness for the CBI said to India Today.

"He regularly consumed energy drinks and sex tonics that were specially imported from Australia and other countries," Toor alleged.