Shocking! Rajkot Professor Throws Sick Mother Off Terrace, Killing Her

| January 5 , 2018 , 12:39 IST

In an example that even the well-educated perpetrate crimes, a professor in Rajkot was recently discovered to have murdered his ailing mother, whom he had said had committed suicide.

The death of Jayshreeben Vinodbhai Nathvani on September 27, by falling from the terrace of her building in Rajkot was chalked up as a suicide, and the case was closed, until recently when based on an anonymous tip, the police checked the CCTV footage of the building.

The CCTV footage checked 3 months after the death revealed that Jayshreeben's son, Sandeep Nathwani who is an assistant professor at Mody Pharmacy College in Rajkot, actually threw her off the terrace of the building, killing her instantly. The video showed that Jayshreeben was unable to walk on her own as had recently undergone a surgery, and would have been unable to jump from a 2.5-foot terrace railing.  

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DCP Karanraj Vaghela said, "We found from the CCTV footage that Jayshreeben's son was along with her when she jumped from the terrace and it's not possible to commit suicide in the company of son. The role of the son has come under scanner."

During the initial interrogation, Sandeep denied the charges.

"My mother was going for sun obeisance and I was helping her," he said.

According to officials, when Sandeep was interrogated again he broke down and admitted that he was tired of the poor health of her mother and he decided to kill her.