Confirmed: Rajinikanth To Form New Political Party, Contest All Seats In Next Assembly Elections

| December 31 , 2017 , 09:38 IST

Putting an end to months-long suspense and 6 days of fan meets, Tamil superstar Rajinikanth on Sunday confirmed that he will be making his political debut by launching a new political party. Rajinikanth added that for the next assembly elections in Tamil Nadu in 2021 he would be contesting all 234 seats.

"My entry into politics is definite," said Rajinikanth at the Raghavendra Mandapam hall in Chennai on Sunday.

"Anyone who runs away from a fight is known as a coward. I have done my Karma to others, now its time to do my bit for the people. I will launch my own party and stand in all 234 Tamil Nadu constituencies in the next assembly elections," he said.

"The politics in the state has become rotten. Democracy has become rotten. All other states are laughing at us after everything that has happened over the last one year," Rajinikanth continued.

"It's time for a change in politics. It's time for a truthful, transparent political party. That is my desire and no one can stand in my way. To start and contest an election with a new party is going to be difficult but the love and support of my Tamil people will prove my decision right," he said.

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"Some people after joining politics start looting the people. They don't loot other countries or people, rather their own. I will make sure what is due to the people, will reach them. We need watchmen who will police and ask questions from those do wrong," Rajinikanth said.

"I have thousands of fans associations. This is more than what most political parties can boast of. I will bring all of them together. People from all walks of life, from villages to cities need to come together. This is my first task to you. Bring everyone together. Apart from this, we need to maintain discipline. Do not find faults with others, don't blame or bad mouth others," he said.

"I have not formed a party but at the appropriate time, I will launch a party and only then will we go to the people. Our mantras are truth, dedication and transparency," said Rajinikanth at the Raghavendra Mandapam.