Rajasthan Police Books Dead People For Violence During Nationwide Strike

| April 12 , 2018 , 18:31 IST

The Rajasthan police it seems has been caught in a soup after reports came that the people it booked for violence during the nationwide strike had been dead for years.

As per a report published by Dainik Bhaskar, the police has booked multiple people, most of them from Dalit community for allegedly causing violence during the strike which was called in protest of the dilution of the provisions of the SC/ST Act.

On Wednesday, the officials of social and human rights organizations led by PUCL gave a memorandum to DGP Opi Galhotra and Home Minister Gulabchand Kataria demanding strict action against the suppression of the oppressed.

As per reports, 250 cases of violence were reported on April 2 in which more than one thousand people were accused.

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In one of the cases, police have booked Phool Singh of Bharatpur for causing violence in April 2018; Phool Singh died in a road accident in March, 2007.

Vijay Singh of Bharatpur died in 2017 but his name too figures among those who have been booked.

Two cases have been registered against Roshan Mundotia of 'Neem ka Thana' for demolition, damage to government property and spreading violence. While one case accuses him of violence in Neem Ka Thana, another accuses him of the same on Jaipur. The two cities are 150 kilometres away from each other. Villagers are questioning how the same person caused violence and destruction in two distinct places at the same time?

Speaking to News World India, Kailash Meena of PUCL said, "The Government is accusing Dalits of violence instead of the real culprits. They have booked people who have been dead, people who cannot even get up from their bed. They have also booked government employees from SC/ST community to instill fear."

He said a delegation of lawyers, activists, and farmers met the DG and have submitted a memorandum. 

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DGP OP Galhotra reportedly said, "The case is registered on the basis of the name given by the investigator to the police. Whether he is alive or dead, it will come out in the investigation."

Bishan Jatav of Bharatpur is suffering from silicosis and has been bedridden for four years. He too has been booked for spreading violence during the bandh.