Rajasthan Love Jihad Murder: Cameraman Was 14-Year-Old Nephew Of Accused

| December 8 , 2017 , 08:51 IST

The 'love jihad' murder in Rajasthan which was recorded in two videos that went viral on Thursday shocked the nation with the brutality of the accused Shambunath Raigar who in cold-blood beat a man with an axe before setting fire to him, and then justifying himself in the second video.

While Raigar was arrested on Thursday, Police later discovered that the video was recorded by the 14-year-old nephew of the accused.

The violence recorded on the video, where Raigar can be seen bludgeoning the victim who cries out for help but is instead burnt alive, was suitably blurred before it became public, however, the trauma and impact the incident must have caused to the 14-year-old boy that recorded the entire incident cannot be estimated.

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Raigar claims he killed the victim Mohammad Bhatta Sheikh so as to "save a girl from love jihad" and "protect the honour of Hindus against Muslims" adding that "those indulging in 'love jihad' will meet the same fate".

Inspector General of Police, Udaipur range, Anand Shrivastava, said the nephew had also been detained along with Raigar.

“We have also detained his minor nephew as it was he who shot the videos, including that of the murder,” he added.