Rajasthan Farmers Bury Themselves In Mud In Protest Against Land Acquisition

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| October 4 , 2017 , 19:17 IST

In protest against Rajasthan government over the allegations of forcibly acquiring their land at poor rates, over 50 farmers have been digging pits and spending hours buried in neck-deep in the sand near Jaipur.

The situation around 20 km from Jaipur, the government started acquiring land in Nindar village back in 2010 for a housing project. While the government has deposited Rs. 60 crores in court for the acquisition, the farmers have not accepted it.

The farmers have said that given the market rates the amount is hardly enough.

90-year-old protester Nanthi Bai said that her family has been lived in the village for the past seven generations.

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She said, "I have brought up my eight sons here in this land and I have 20 grandchildren...  if you take me away from my land where will I go? I don't want the money I want my land."

Alleging that majority of the land is acquired by housing societies with people living in these houses, the farmers have also demanded a fresh survey of the marked land. Even some of the residents are supporting the farmers' protest.

While the farmers have been conducting rallies and demonstration against the government for the past 17 days, their actions didn't attract any attention from the officials or media.

Therefore, the farmers decided to revamp their protest with a "zameen samadhi satyagrah" launched on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. Around 50 farmers from the village have been sitting in protest ever since.