Rajasthan Bypolls: Big Victory For Congress As It Wins Mandalgarh, Alwar And Ajmer

| February 1 , 2018 , 19:33 IST

The counting for the three Loksabha seat in Rajasthan took place on Thursday for which the elections took place on January 29. The opposition Congress has surprised the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party by winning all three seats with impressive margins.

All the three seats were previously held by BJP.

Mandalgarh was the first seat to be declared. Congress candidate Vivek Dhakad won the bypoll in Mandalgarh, while the party maintains a strong lead in Alwar and Ajmer, seats which were previously held by the BJP. 

Dr Karan Singh Yadav of the Congress Party won the Alwar seat by 196496 votes while Raghu Sharma won the Ajmer seat by 84414 votes.

The bypolls in the 3 Rajasthan constituencies were made necessary by the death of the sitting BJP lawmakers.

National Media Coordinator of AICC, Rohan Gupta, in a tweet said that the BJP trailed in all of the 17 Assembly constituencies in the bypolls, signalling a possible change of wind for the ruling party.

The elections are considered to be significant as a precursor of sorts for state assembly elections taking place in Rajasthan later this year. The BJP has been in power in Rajasthan for the past 15 years but has lost considerable popularity recently over the spate of violence and crimes, indicating a chance for Congress to edge into the state.

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Ahead of the polls, the Congress party conducted aggressive campaigning, led by state chief Sachin Pilot, who previously represented Ajmer in Parliament before losing the seat to the BJP. The Congress has fielded  Karan Singh Yadav in Alwar,  Raghu Sharma in Ajmer and Vivek Dhakad in Mandalgarh.

Meanwhile, the BJP fielded Ramswaroop Lamba, son former Union minister Sanwar Lal Jat in Ajmer, Jaswant Singh Yadav, state Labour Minister in Alwar and Shakti Singh Hada in Mandalgarh.

Counting also took place for the bypolls in West Bengal for the Uluberia Loksabha and Noapara Assembly seats. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress has won both the seats with an impressive margin.

Sajda Ahmed won the Uluberia LokSabha seat by 4,74,510 votes while Sunil Singh won the Noapara assembly by more than 70,000 votes.