Railways To Become Safer, Faster As Trials Complete For 'TriNetra' Technology

| December 24 , 2017 , 09:58 IST

Although travelling by air has gained rapid popularity, one of the most relied on modes of travel in India remains the Railways.

In a significant boost to the safety of the railways, the TriNetra infra-red and laser rays technology will be able to detect defects in tracks as well as obstructions to help prevent rail accidents.

Railways officials quoted by India Today said that the TriNetra device has been successfully tested and was able to detect the presence of small objects on the track at least 500 metres in advance. It was also able to indicate minor defects in the tracks to the locomotive driver.

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"The Trinetra device will be useful in averting train collisions, derailment and accidents on unmanned railway crossings. The radar-based system has been found to be accurate in sensing any physical obstruction on the tracks as it can also detect any damage in tracks ahead," said a railway ministry official.

The testing of the TriNetra device began last year, but multiple trials failed to yield the desired results, a source said. However, now the TriNetra device has been successfully tested in around 100 mail and express trains, including New Delhi-Chandigarh Shatabdi Express.

According to officials, the new device would be helpful during nights, rains and in foggy conditions when outside visibility is impaired.

The Railways would be inviting tenders for installation of the device in January, with the first phase of implementation involving equipping 4,000 trains with the device. The northern railway zone trains would receive the device first as the they face maximum train disruption due to fog.