Railway To Sack 13,000 Employees For Unauthorized Long Term Absence

| February 10 , 2018 , 13:29 IST

While taking a disciplinary action, the Indian Railways has decided on Saturday to sack 13,000 workers who are on unauthorised leave for a very long time.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal instructed the railway officials to launch a massive drive to identify long-term absentees in various railways establishments. The drive is also working in order to boost the morale of sincere and diligent employees.

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During the drive, it was found that more than 13,000 out of 13 lakh workforce was absent from service for a long time without authorisation.

In a statement, The Railways said, "A massive drive to identify long-term absentees in various establishments of Railways has been initiated. As a result of the drive, more than 13,000 employees out of about 13 lakh employees were found to be on unauthorised absence for a long time."

"Railways have instructed all officers and supervisors to weed out these employees from the employees' rolls after following due process," the statement stated.

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The establishment has initiated disciplinary action under the rules to terminate the service of such absentees.

The Ministry has also made an action plan to stop the excessive consumption of electricity on 38000 route kilometres in 5 years (2017-18 TO 2021-22) and also bound a time for electrification work on railway tracks. This move can also put a barrage of electricity theft among the railways.