Rahul Gandhi To PM Modi: Rise Above Party Politics & Pass Women Reservation Bill Before 2019

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| July 16 , 2018 , 14:33 IST

Congress President Rahul Gandhi responded strongly on Monday to Prime Minister Narendra Modi allegations on Saturday that the BJP is "working towards making women's lives easier but all these parties working to put their lives in crisis."

The Congress President in a letter to the PM on Monday demanded that the women’s reservation bill be passed before the general elections. 

Rahul Gandhi wrote on Twitter that, “Our PM says he’s a crusader for women’s empowerment? Time for him to rise above party politics, walk-his-talk & have the Women’s Reservation Bill passed by Parliament. The Congress offers him its unconditional support.”

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“Mr. Prime Minister, in many of your public rallies you have spoken about your passion for empowering women and involving them more meaningful in public life. What better way to demonstrate your commitment to the cause of women, than by offering your unconditional support to the passage of the women’s reservation bill? And what better time, than the upcoming session of Parliament? Any further delay will make it impossible to implement before the next general elections,” the letter reads.

The All India Mahila Congress also hammered BJP for the failure of setting up the fast track courts in most of the states.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday also alleged that the Congress Party is for Muslim men only not for women.