Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi Says, The Indian Government Is At War With Its Own People

| October 5 , 2018 , 15:17 IST

Congress president Rahul Gandhi took a dig at the Narendra Modi government on Friday, as the Congress leader revealed, it has gone into a war with its own people imposing a single suffocating ideology on 1.3 billion Indians.

Speaking to media, Rahul Gandhi said, "What we see today in India is defaming, a maligning of the Indian imagination. The Indian government has gone into war with its own people because it wants to impose one ideology on 1.3 billion of us". 

During his speech at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, the Congress chief said that in the current context, farmers are committing suicide, unemployment is at a high, economy has been decimated, institutions are attacked, and aspiration is slowly turning into anger.

Rahul Gandhi also said, "The Indian government is at war with its own people. What is the nature of the war, farmers are committing suicide by the thousands. The economy is decimated, rupee is on its knees, petrol is at an all-time high, the stock market is imploded, 12 lakh crore in NPAs and the banking system is jammed shut. Unemployment is at a 20-year high."

"Unorganised sector has been decimated as a result of the demonetisation and extremely complex multilayered GST. Millions and millions of small and medium business have been wiped out. Public confidence is in tatters," he said castigating the government's policies.

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He said peoples' aspiration was turning into anger Dalits and tribals agitating across the country and there are vicious attacks on the minorities.

"Our friends in the media are sacked because they criticised the Prime Minister, Gauri Lankesh is shot dead because of what she wrote," said the Congress chief.

"Fresh thinking is unwelcome, in fact, forget about fresh thinking they dislike thinkers (former Reserve Bank of India Governor) Raghu Ram Rajan, (Nobel laureate) Amartya Sen...the list goes on".

Congress president also added, "institutions are attacked, Supreme Court judges are compelled to go public because they feel intimidated and in the same breath they speak of Judge B.H. Loya (a CBI judge who died under mysterious circumstances in 2014), they speak of their fear".

"People in charge are convinced that they have a monopoly on knowledge, only they understand and no one else anything about India or the Indians' dreams," he said.

Reciting lines from Rabindranath Tagore's "Where the mind is Without Fear", Gandhi called upon people to reimagine the India where all Indians were free and not discriminated against.