After Gabbar Singh Tax Jibe, Rahul Gandhi Questions BJP's Foundation With 'Lie Hard' Attack

| December 23 , 2017 , 17:12 IST

The newly appointed President of Congress, Rahul Gandhi might have lost Gujarat elections but was able to re-establish the party with his aggressive campaigning and well-thought attacks at the ruling realm. In another hard-hitting attack, Gandhi tweeted that if BJP was to make a film franchise then the party leaders will surely call it, "Lie Hard".

Taking a dig at the ruling party by using the popular American action series "Die Hard", Gandhi attacked the Prime Minister Narendra Modi one day after calling his party an "architecture of lies" following the special court's decision of acquitting all the accused in the 2G scam.

After the decision on one of the biggest corruption  scandals which took place during Manmohan Singh's government, the 47-year-old Congress chief said, "You all know the truth now about 2G, the truth is in front of you."

While chairing a meeting of the Congress Working Committee, Gandhi has alleged PM Modi's recognised 'Gujarat Model' as "flawed and fake". He justified, "If you see the Modi model in Gujarat, it was a lie, clearly. When we went to Gujarat and we spoke to the people of Gujarat, they said there is no model. What is going on is the stealing of resources of the people of Gujarat and that's their design."

Rahul social media resurgence was noted when his interesting tweets started reaching the masses. During his extensive Gujarat campaigning, Gandhi used many film analogies including his reference to GST as  "Gabbar Singh Tax" or the usage of Star Wars' popular dialogue for FM Arun Jaitley.

"Dear Mr Jaitley, May the Farce be with you," Congress chief has tweeted referring to the government's claims of GDP growth average in the last three years.