Rahul Gandhi Takes To Twitter To Mock Arun Jaitley After Yashwant Sinha's Article

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| September 27 , 2017 , 13:50 IST

BJP veteran leader Yashwant Sinha, a former finance minister wrote a tell-all article describing the 'mess' the economy is in due to finance minister Arun Jaitley, predicting that before the economy will rise it is likely to face a 'crash'. As Sinha's words went viral, other leaders weighed in, making choicest comments.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi currently on a 3-day campaigning trip to Gujarat ahead of the upcoming state elections tweeted "Ladies & Gentlemen, this is your copilot & FM speaking. Plz fasten your seat belts & take brace position. The wings have fallen off our plane" referring to Sinha's article.

Rahul Gandhi recently attacked the government as well regarding the economic slowdown, accusing the centre of taking important decisions like demonetisation and implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) "without listening to anybody," despite the decisions being ones that "affected the backbone" of the country's economy.

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Yashwant Sinha in his article wrote, "I shall be failing in my national duty if I did not speak up even now against the mess the Finance Minister has made of the economy. I am also convinced that what I am going to say reflects the sentiments of a large number of people in the BJP and elsewhere who are not speaking up out of fear."

Stating that the deceleration of the economy took place before demonetisation, Sinha wrote, "Economies are destroyed more easily than they are built. It took almost four years of painstaking and hard work in the late nineties and early 2000 to revive a sagging economy we had inherited in 1998. Nobody has a magic wand to revive the economy overnight. Steps taken now will take their own time to produce results. So, a revival by the time of the next Lok Sabha election appears highly unlikely. A hard landing appears inevitable."

Another former Finance Minister, Congress leader P Chidambaram also tweeted in praise of the article: Yashwant Sinha speaks Truth to Power. Will Power now admit the Truth that economy is sinking?"