Rahul Gandhi In MP Rally: 'You Can Make Narendra Modi Do Anything  By Scaring Him'

| February 8 , 2019 , 17:11 IST

Congress president Rahul Gandhi visited Madhya Pradesh with a farmers’ rally in Bhopal on Friday.

This was Rahul Gandhi’s first visit to the state after the Congress formed the government in Madhya Pradesh in December last year after a gap of 15 years.

Addressing the rally in Bhopal, Rahul said, “every official in the defence ministry says ‘chowkidaar chor hai’... Yesterday in the Parliament, PM comes and speaks for 1 hour and 45 minutes. He doesn’t speak on Rafale even for a minute.”

"I’ve understood that you can make Narendra Modi do anything by making him scared," he added.

Rahul again criticised the BJP for announcing Rs 17 for farmers, he said, “BJP lawmakers clapped when PM Modi announced Rs 17 for farmers."

"On one hand, the loans of 15 richest people of the country were waived but just Rs 17 for farmers. And if you divide it further, it comes down to Rs 3.5 to per person," Rahul added.

The Congress chief further said, "Congress party has taken a historic decision..... PM Modi says he’ll give Rs 17. Congress party has taken the decision that it will give a guaranteed income to the poor. We will not insult you by giving Rs 17."

Congress party won the election and everyone said Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia said it’s is Congress government but it is also of youth, women, poor, farmer," Rahul Gandhi said.

Quoting public as masters, Rahul Gandhi said, "you are the master, the public is the master... our work is to listen to you."

 “We are not the kind of people who think I’ve done this, I’ve done that, your strength has made the Congress win and removed the loans on farmers," he added.

MP CM Kamalnath also praised Rahul and his leadership skills, he said, "Rahul Gandhi is the future Prime Minister of India."

"Upon becoming the chief minister, Rahul Gandhi asked me to bring alive the agrarian sector. We need to revive it but PM Modi said he’ll give Rs 17 every day to farmers and their condition will improve...But people of the country and MP have figured out the reality," Kamal Nath added.

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Jyotiraditya Scindia also hit out at Modi government, he said, "you have sent rupee into the graveyard."

Scindia further said, “the Congress government doesn’t belong to a certain party but it is a pro-poor, pro-farmer, pro-women government.”

Rahul also said, "truth cannot be kept hidden. Five years ago, PM Modi used to say he’ll eliminate corruption but now he says he’ll eliminate Congress."