Rahul Gandhi Failed To Connect With People In India, So Reached America: Smriti Irani

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| September 12 , 2017 , 13:33 IST

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi doesn't lose any opportunity to criticise the ruling NDA government and while giving an address at the University of California in Berkeley once again slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to which Information and Broadcasting Minister Smriti Irani responded.

"After failing to connect with people of India Mr Gandhi chooses platform of convenience for berating his political opponents," Smriti said, addressing a press conference.

Smriti Irani condemned Rahul for "belittling" PM Modi on an international platform, especially as the PM has created an impressive image for himself globally.

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"Passing remarks on Prime Minister Modi is not new for Rahul Gandhi," said Smriti Irani adding, "However, Rahul Gandhi must not forget that the nation has put its faith in our Prime Minister," she added.

In Rahul's speech, he had slammed PM Modi, saying that "violence, politics of polarisation have raised their ugly head in India" while defending the concept of dynasty giving examples of Akhilesh Yadav, the Bachchans and Ambanis.

Calling Rahul a failed dynast, Smriti said "A failed dynast today chose to speak about his failed political journeys in USA. Fact that he (Rahul Gandhi) says that dynasts & dynasties is the very fulcrum of India in itself is an anomaly."

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"The President was born in a marginalised community, the Vice-President is the son of a farmer, and the party President Amit Shah is not from a political dynasty," Smriti said.

During the speech at Berkeley, Rahul Gandhi also spoke on the apparent decline of the Congress Party.

"Around 2012, arrogance crept into Congress party and we stopped having conversations with people," he said.

Responding to Rahul's admission, Smriti said, "To say that Congress became arrogant under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi and hence lost the election is a big political confession in itself. After failing to connect with the people of India, Rahul Gandhi belittled his political opponents in America."