Rahul Gandhi Overtakes Shashi Tharoor, Becomes Most Followed Congress Leader On Twitter

| April 29 , 2018 , 08:14 IST

While BJP leaders have been active on the micro-blogging platform of Twitter for years, Congress leaders, to the exception of the eloquent Shashi Tharoor, got on the bandwagon relatively later, but now have established a considerable presence on Twitter.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi has now officially become the most followed Congress party leader on Twitter with 6.77 million followers, as compared to the 6.7 million followers that Tharoor has, as of Sunday. Shashi Tharoor had joined Twitter in March 2009 as compared to Rahul Gandhi joining in April 2015. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a whopping 42.3 million followers on his personal Twitter handle, having joined in January 2009.

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Initially, Rahul Gandhi's twitter handle was "OfficeofRG" but was changed to "RahulGandhi" on March 17 this year, the day of the AICC plenary session approving his election as Congress party president.

AICC social media head Divya Spandana, who has been credited with revolutionalising India's Grand Old Party's social media presence, said that the gain in followers for Rahul Gandhi was due to the stances he takes.

"It is because of Rahul Gandhi's tweets and the stances he is taking on issues of public importance. He is one person who is speaking truth to power. There is disillusionment on the streets and he is the only person resonating with the public. People are warming up to him," she said to TOI.

Shashi Tharoor on losing the tag of 'most followed' Congress leader on Twitter described it as only fitting, since Rahul Gandhi is the president of the party.

"It is only fitting. And as one who has been urging him for years to be on Twitter and to be himself there, I feel a certain sense of vindication," he told TOI.