Rafale Deal: France Ex-President Hollande Saying PM Of India Is A Thief, Says Rahul Gandhi

| September 22 , 2018 , 17:07 IST

In a fresh attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over Rafale deal, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said, "Ex-President of France is saying PM of India is a thief."

"What I'm surprised with is that PM is completely silent. Not one word has come out from PM's mouth on this. This is from a President of France, who had a one-to-one meeting with PM where the Rafale deal was decided," he added.

Gandhi also said that it is for the first time when ex-French President is calling our PM a thief.

"It is a question of the dignity of the office of Prime Minister. It is the question of the future of our jawans and the Air Force," Gandhi said.

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Gandhi attack on PM Modi came after Former France President Francois Hollande said that Anil Ambani’s Reliance Group was chosen as offset partner for the €7.87 billion deal to purchase 36 Rafale fighter jets by the Dassault because the Indian government had proposed its name.

Hollande said, "We didn’t have a say in that. It was the Indian government that proposed this service group (Reliance), and Dassault who negotiated with Ambani. We didn’t have a choice, we took the interlocutor who was given to us.”

Gandhi asking PM Modi to clarify the issue said, "I'm trying to help him protect his office and He must clarify that why a Rs 30,000 crore worth gift was given by PM Narendra Modi to Anil Ambani."

"It is very important for PM now to either accept Hollande's statement or state that Hollande is lying and tell what the truth is," he added.

Hollande was France president in 2015 when the Rafale deal was signed.