Pulwama Terror Attack: Kamal Haasan Demands ‘Referendum’ In Kashmir

| February 18 , 2019 , 13:19 IST

Actor turned politician Kamal Haasan has questioned the Indian government over its reluctance to hold a referendum/plebiscite in the strife-torn Kashmir as reported by Times Now.

“Why isn’t the Indian government holding a referendum in Kashmir? Who is it they are afraid of? If leaders of both countries (India and Pakistan) behave properly, then there will be no reason for the death of our soldiers, the line of control will be under control,” the Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM) chief said.

Addressing a gathering at Chennai, Kamal Haasan lashed out at Indian government stating that over the years they have acted foolishly in dealing with Pakistan. If we want to prove that we are more responsible, then we must avoid such irresponsible politics over the issue, said Haasan.

He accused the country of not taking Kashmiris into confidence. Hassan also branded the terrorists operating in the Valley as 'jihadi fighters' and also called Pakistan occupied Kashmir as 'Azad Kashmir'. He also said that the Army is an old-fashioned concept and one day people should just agree not to kill each other.

The newly turned politician also said that if opposition and government 'behave well', the line of control can be kept under control.

Haasan also referred to Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir as ‘Azad Kashmir’.

“The government should talk to the people of Kashmir and determine their views by holding a plebiscite. Do they want to divide all the nations? Why do not you ask them again? Will not they do that? Now, this (Kashmir) belongs to India, the same situation remains across the border. In ‘Azad Kashmir’, people are using pictures of jihadis in trains to depict them as heroes, it is not a good thing,” he added.

Soon, his party, the Makkal Needhi Maiam, tweeted a statement claiming his comments had been reported out of context, focusing one news channel in particular. "Makkal Needhi Maiam strongly condemns the report... which has completely twisted the words of out Party President Me Kamal Haasan out of context. Our President and our Party stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the armed forces in this hour of grief," the statement said.

The party further said the report on Kamal Haasan's remarks "were mentioned by our Party President in the context of magazine articles published three decades ago about an option that was available at one point in time of history. This is no longer relevant and is in no way an indication of his position or Party's position today," the statement added.

"We firmly believe that entire Kashmir is an integral part of India and we stand firmly with our armed forces, para-military and central forces who defend it selflessly," it concluded.

Kamal Haasan joined national politics by launching a political party ‘Makkal Needhi Maiam’ in February 2018. Kamal Haasan has also hinted of contesting the upcoming general elections. When questioned about his decision to contest the Lok Sabha elections, Kamal Haasan said one should fight elections after entering politics.