‘Pro-Corporate’ BJP Is The Prime Enemy, Says CPI, Calling For Strengthening Left Unity

| March 2 , 2018 , 11:25 IST

In the face of the ‘saffron wave’ of the BJP winning elections in states cross the nation, despite decreasing public opinion, opposition parties have several times called for unity to take on the BJP party.

CPI General Secretary S Sudhakar Reddy on Thursday, on the opening day of the 4-day Kerala state CPI conference, termed the “pro-corporate” BJP as the ‘prime enemy’, adding that the need of the hour was a broader platform to take on the saffron party.

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Reddy said that the "pro-corporate BJP" was following dangerous fascist policies and to take on the BJP-led front it was essential to go for state specific electoral tactics, although the broad secular platform need not be an electoral alliance.

He further called for strengthening of the Left unity, through which a larger section of the democratic and secular forces of the country could be mobilised.

"Without unity of the Left, you cannot build the broadest secular democratic platform in the country. Our political resolution does not want it to be linked to the elections alone. There is a difference between electoral tactic and fight against fascist forces," Reddy said.

In the Kerala state assembly elections in 2016, the Left Democratic Front won 91 seats, the Congress won 47 seats and the BJP gained only 1 seat.