President Approves Disqualification Of 20 AAP MLAs For Holding 'Office Of Profit'

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| January 21 , 2018 , 16:04 IST

Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) received a huge blow on Sunday when President of India, Ram Nath Kovind approved Election Commission's recommendation of disqualifying 20 Aam Aadmi Party MLAs for holding 'office of profit'.

The disqualification has reduced Kejriwal's cabinet to 47 from 67, hinting that by-elections in Delhi are soon in order. The development came after Congress urged chief election commissioner Achal Kumar Joti to disqualify the 20 legislators, earlier this month.

Congress Delhi Cheif Ajay Maken has taken the moment to blame BJP and Election Commission for delaying the decision and allowing the now disqualified to MLAs to vote in the Rajya Sabha Elections. He said, "AAP has been helped by BJP & EC by delaying the decision for over 3 weeks."

The party has earlier hinted that if the President approved EC's recommendation, it will approach judicial authorities, however, any significant outcome is doubtful. Notably, the decision came days before the retirement of current EC chief Achal Kumar Jyoti.

Jyoti has refused to acknowledge the plea by AAP MLAs to drop the cases against them in June last year. Amid disqualification crisis, Congress Delhi chief Ajay Maken had targeted Kejriwal and asked him to discontinue as CM to without any inhibitions and BJP's former Delhi President Vijender Gupta asked the party to provide answers to the public.

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Ever since the party came into power post re-elections in 2015, a controversy over the AAP MLAs holding 'office of profit' as parliamentary secretaries starting brewing. Advocate Prashant Patel also filed a petition seeking their disqualification.

AAP government passed an amendment to the Delhi Members of Legislative Assembly (Removal of Disqualification) Act, 1997 in March 2015 to exempt the posts of Parliamentary Secretary from the definition of office of profit with retrospective effect. However, the then President Pranab Mukherjee refused to give assent and referred the matter to the Election Commission. 

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News reports on 19 January 2018 say that EC has recommended to President of India disqualification of 20 AAP MLA’s in Delhi Legislature Assembly. This recommendation, which has huge political ramifications in Delhi , can be viewed to have been predicted in implied form in this Vedic astrology writer’s article -“ Astrologically speaking , some highlights for India in coming year 2018”- published last year at on 19 October , 2017. The related text in the article reads as follows :- “ The year 2018 looks to be bringing to focus themes of political , ………………nature for a heightened or sharp analysis or discussion. Such analysis or discussion could also pave way for new enactments or judicial pronouncements having far reaching significance or value , covering issues related to women , religion and political class”. At another place , some States have been indicated where prediction can have a more focus during 2018 , more so in July-August 2018. Delhi is one among those States. Further , the article also reads as : -“ Mid-March to 31 May 2018. ………Those involved in decision making or governance of big enterprises or big organizations or think-tanks in the Govt , could be prone to errors or fault-lines or controversies giving rise to need for revision or amendment”. Thus it can be said that the political upheaval in Delhi Govt could be well read between the lines as implied. ( The website has been understood to be passing through some renovation since 11 January 2018).